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Courage, Confidence, and the Ability to Change

2016 has been an interesting year for me. I have had a lot of high moments and a lot of low moments.

This last week hit me with more lows than normal, and I found myself really reconsidering any and all writing goals.

But yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Tremonton Library along with some other authors. The community, librarians, and readers make the visit a true joy. In addition to sharing my books with others, it's been priceless for me to interact with other authors.

During this last visit, I met Author J.R. Simmons and had one of the most wonderful times swapping author tales. His perspective really helped me remember the fun behind this passion.

Ironically, when I was in Tremonton this last summer for their Reading Kick-off, I met Author Danette Hansen. She has become a wonderful friend! When we first met, we also found a similar joy in connecting. Since then she has been a great person to chat especially in regards to the roller coaster adventure of being an author.

It is fair distance to travel, but the interactions have proved priceless. Can't wait to see which wonderful author I meet at a future visit to Tremonton.

When have you met someone who has changed your perspective on life or a current challenge?

Even just a short moment with someone truly can make a difference, and can change our current perspective on life. Not only does it make me want to have more of these treasured moments, I want to be someone who is in tune enough to those around me that I too can offer some help at just the right time, like J. R. and Danette have done for me.

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