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Let Yourself Grow. Quite likely, you've heard this phrase. So, what does it really mean?

I've been hung up on this question lately—not in a bad way, more in an observation-type way.

Here are some of my inquiries:

  • Is it passive growth?

  • Active growth?

  • What hurdles have stopped growth before?

  • What future choices would alter the growth?

And then the lingering question:

  • How do I let myself grow?

Which leads to more questions:

  • Does growing mean being outside my comfort zone?

  • Is growth incremental, like the sprouting of a seed

  • Do I let my growth have sprouts?

Last month was hard work, but I cleared out my weeds. Now there is room for my sprouts to grow. So, what does growth mean?

When I think of my little sprouts, these thoughts come to mind:

  • Nurture them

  • Exercise daily care

  • Be mindful of their needs

What can I provide? Sunshine for hope. Water for life. Fertilization for nourishment and strength.

What will this look like for me? I'm not sure, but I'm looking forward to what I will learn this month!

I invite you to come along, GROW with me, but GROW in your own personalized way. Identify your SPROUTS and nurture them. Some sprouts are extensions of you (as in children and youth). Some are internal and personal, where only you, currently, see the GROWTH that is happening.

Whatever it is, this is our time: the beginnings of something good!

So, to my sprouts, I say, "Care, little one. I offer you care so that in your infancy you can grow."


I am so excited to announce this month's giveaway!

With the theme of GROW, this month's prizes are extremely incredible! Celebrate your sprouts, Let Yourself Grow, and come join the fun.

There are lots of ways to enter this month. Check out the prizes and enjoy celebrating May!



I asked my recent new buddy, ChatGPT, what increment means. Here was the reply:

The term "incremental" refers to a gradual or step-by-step approach or process. It involves taking small, incremental steps towards a larger goal, rather than trying to achieve the goal all at once. The idea is to make progress through a series of small, manageable steps that build upon one another, rather than attempting to make one big leap forward. Incremental changes can be effective in making progress toward a goal while minimizing the risk of failure or setbacks.

Worth keeping this definition in mind as our sprouts grow! Happy May!


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