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A Look at Love: Book Chat with Michelle Dennis Christensen

Updated: May 19, 2023

On Feb 21, 2023, my morning began hearing a quote, "Do something that scares you every day."

Later that day, Michelle Dennis Christensen and I had a Zoom recording session scheduled. But circumstances led to my scary thing for the day: a reschedule to Facebook Live. didn't work out! So Michelle and I returned to Zoom where I feel much more comfortable in my "area" to talk about her new book Mirrors of Jesus.

Sometimes stepping outside your comfort zone means a giant step in learning something new. That is where I am right now. Thankfully, Michelle is amazing!

Enjoy the beautiful wisdom she shares!



Be sure to enter to win Michelle's new release Mirrors of Jesus.

"Both timely (given the chaos in the world) and timeless (no matter whether you come to mortality in a peaceful season or a storm, we all need our Savior to help us live with hope, grace, and courage)."

- Heidi Brockbank, Editor with Eschler Editing


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