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AFLOAT: Drug Addiction Through a Mother's Eyes x4 by Mechelle Leifson Wride: Bookstore Feature

This is an extremely special book! I have worked with Mechelle for two years to capture her story. It is with great joy that I get to announce that Mechelle Leifson Wride will be signing books at our pop-up Christmas bookstores hosted by Patella Publishing Services on Nov 24 and 25. Join us at the Christmas Gift and Craft Show for this exciting event!

Book Description:


In this candid memoir, Mechelle Wride, a mother of six, shares a powerful story of love, loss, and hope amid the devastating effects of drug addiction within a family. Her unfiltered perspective reveals the toll addictions take on everyone involved, with a focus on her four sons' harrowing struggles. Each chapter exposes the immense challenges Mechelle endured—physically, mentally, and emotionally—while offering invaluable insights into the pain, sorrow, and desperate hope that countless families face in the wake of addiction.

This heartfelt tribute showcases the remarkable resilience of the human spirit and the enduring power of a mother's love. Mechelle's courageous journey serves as an inspiring call to action against the perils of drug addiction, providing solace and guidance to those navigating similar paths and striving to stay afloat amidst life's tumultuous seas.

"An amazing true story of a mother who has so much love for her sons that she is willing to do anything and everything for them until she learns the lesson of tough love and not enabling her children...a must-read book for everyone." —Elizabeth Wyman

Universal Themes:

Afloat delves into some important messages about family, tough love, and holding on through trials. Some specific themes include:

  • Family resilience

  • Maternal love

  • Struggles of addiction

  • Tough love and boundaries

  • Community support

  • Hope amidst struggle

Who Will Enjoy this Book:

  • Any reader who enjoys memoirs that are both honest and uplifting

  • Readers who enjoy stories of hope amidst challenging circumstances

  • Individuals who have had to grapple with the challenges of addiction within their families

  • Parents who have had to face tough decisions around their children's addiction

  • Anyone seeking to understand the complexities of addiction and its impact on the family

Praise for Afloat:

Afloat: Drug Addiction Through a Mother’s Eyes x4 is an incredible and heart-wrenching story that can give hope and help to those struggling with the drug addiction of a loved one. Well-written and comprehensive, this can strengthen a reader in desperate need. I highly recommend this book to not only those living through this tragedy but to everyone interested in an incredible story of love and loss.”

—Tawnia Fernandez, registered radiologic technologist and former NICU specialist

“Once I started reading Afloat, I didn't want to put it down. We have struggled with an addicted son since he was in high school. Life has been up and down and in and out. I can't even imagine dealing with four sons. Her honesty about the real life of addicts and their families was so true in every way. Parents love their children no matter what decisions they have made. The hardest thing I have done in life is to watch my son destroy his life. I was never involved with the PANIC group but the book made me wish I had been. Maybe tough love would have come sooner. Mechelle really brought out some real-life moments. For us, the struggles still go on.”

—Janelle Money, mother of an addict son

“This is the heartfelt story of a mother’s love for her sons. Mechelle’s frank honesty offers encouragement to any parent with a child fighting addiction. She gives hope that the child may one day have the strength and wisdom to rise above the horrors of drug addiction. Afloat is a well-told, interesting, and uplifting story.”

—Tessa W, someone who has struggled with the complexities of drugs

“I work as a 911 dispatcher. We receive calls daily that someone has overdosed or caused an accident due to drug use. These situations never end well. Afloat is must-readso true and it shows a mother’s unconditional love for her children.”

—anonymous, 911 Dispatch operator

About the Author:

Mechelle Leifson Wride lives in peaceful Salem, Utah with her husband where she enjoys the fresh country air and family time. She has six children, seven stepchildren, and 37 darling grandkids. Mechelle is extremely active in her community. For 23 years—she taught children in the local schools—mainly working with students struggling with behavior. She worked as an organizer for PANIC (People Against Narcotics in the Community) and taught Sunday School to women inmates at the Utah County Jail. Has been a hairstylist for 47 years still doing hair today. In her spare time, Mechelle enjoys making Minky blankets, boating, traveling, helping the elderly, and snuggling with her grandbabies.

Connect with Mechelle via her author email:

Upcoming Pop-up Bookstore Events:

Catch the Afloat and other literary gems at these Christmas Craft Shows:

Dates: November 24 - 25*

Times: 9 am - 7 pm

Location: Spanish Fork Fairgrounds

Address: 445 S Main, Spanish Fork, Utah

*Mechelle will be signing books and answering questions throughout the event


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