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April Wrap-Up

Weed Out the Lies

April was a tough month! When I decided to start weeding out the things in my life that needed to go, I had no idea what to expect. The process was exhausting, as I cleared out things from my home, garden, and yard, as well as the lies that had been filling my inner dialogue.

On top of all that, I had a packed schedule of personal and professional activities, and some things slipped through the cracks.

Despite the challenges, I knew that the work I put in during April was necessary for what lay ahead in May. And it's already paying off—May is shaping up to be a beautiful month, thanks to all the preparation I did last month.

Weeding is hard work, but it creates space for what comes next. Here's my wrap-up of April—I hope you enjoy it.



Exploring the Theme: Weed Out the Lies

My words are seeds. Metaphors in my hand.

Seeds promise hope. But to grow, the seeds require planting. And before planting, the soil requires preparation.

To do this: weed the field first.


Meet Lauri Schoenfeld

In, 2017, due to happenstance, I had the lovely opportunity to meet Lauri Schoenfeld, Author. She shared her work in progress and her passions, goals, and interests.

Fast forward to five years later when Lauri happily announced the release of her literary psychological thriller Little Owl.

So happy to see the fruits of a writer's dedicated labor!

LITTLE OWL by Lauri Schoenfeld

This month's book spotlight LITTLE OWL by Lauri Schoenfeld, Author. This is a story that keeps you turning pages in an effort to figure out what's going on!


Weeding Out the Bad So Good Can Grow

Since I love a good metaphor, I have spent this month, exploring weeds. I don't like to weed, but I decided to let nature teach me.

While removing these undesirable plants, here is what I learned from both the flowers and the weeds.


Clearing Out the Weeds: An Interview with Lauri Schoenfeld

"Be gentle with yourself and permit yourself to try again. Healing from past lies and trauma takes time to create a new dialogue for yourself. Often it means, starting over again and drawing from a blank canvas. View yourself through the healing process as the younger part of you...Once safety is established and you’ll be more open to healing and creating a different story for yourself. " - Lauri Schoenfeld

This month I had the opportunity to interview Author Lauri Schoenfeld. Check out her wonderful insights. And be sure to check out her thrilling debut novel Little Owl.


Scrapbook Moment


Sometimes we get lost and can only see the immediate moment we are in.

To help me, I reflected on a previous journey on the road to publication for UnAuthored Letters. Then I share a few photos of some celebratory moments after publication.

Even when we are lost, there is value in remembering - and sticking with the good we know is there.



Status Update:

Been focused on some key research for the book. Have some wonderful helpers assisting me on a few little side things to help with how I can describe certain scenes. Chapters are coming together. Slow. But coming. Half of the book is in good shape. Hoping to have the other half finalized by the end of May.


Author Event: Authorpalooza 2023

Bear Lake Arts Council hosted Authorpalooza2023 on Saturday, April 15th.

This was my first event in Idaho. Had a wonderful time visiting with other authors, many were friends from different times in my author past. Some shared very special moments on this day. Also wonderful to meet new friends.

More about the authors who attended can be found in the Discussion tab of the event page.


That's the sum up for April

Before the month started, I knew that April and May would go hand-in-hand. That has proved to be more true than I fully understood. April was hard-work, but May is offering the start of the rewards.

Winners of the giveaway are posted here.


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