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Updated: May 10, 2023

A step-by-step guide to better relationships with teenagers, this book is incredible! Katie Millar Wirig has done a remarkable job of balancing the ideal with reality.

As you begin reading, you'll soon leave behind the critical voice and embark on a transformative journey with Katie. Through her reflections, celebrations, and heightened awareness, you'll be inspired to recommit to one of the most vital tasks a human can undertake on this earth: raising the next generation.

This well-written, easy-to-follow book serves as the guidebook through these transformative years.

Book Description

Creating a happy and emotionally healthy teenager begins with the interactions with their parents. The Parenting Machine reveals the keys to transforming your relationship with your adolescent children. Teenagers are a maze of emotions and many parents are throwing up their arms wondering what happened to their sweet, obedient child. Taking it back to the basics, mother and educator Katie M. Wirig, demonstrates how to implement tried and true principles that will ensure results. Break free from reactive parenting by instead focusing on topics such as:

  • How to have hard conversations

  • How to build reciprocal trust

  • Preventing emotional burnout in your teen

Using real-life experiences from parents and educators alike, those who apply these principles will enjoy happier and more peaceful homes today.

What I Love:

How Katie brings in the developing stages of a teenager. Their brains are changing for the upcoming requirements of adulthood. Understanding and cultivating this change is key as we support our beloved youth.

Editorial Reviews

"Parenting Machine gives specific tips to help parents gain greater understanding of, and empathy for, their teens—which is key to improving relationships. It also specifically addresses critical mental health issues that are devastating many of our youth. Parents are typically ill equipped to address these issues and Machine provides valuable guidance."

Jeff Dyer, Ph.D, professor, and author of the bestselling The Innovator DNA

"Over the years, I’ve heard many a parent exclaim (when in the midst of a trying, difficult, or broken relationship with a teenager), “I’ve had it up to here”—and their flattened palm waves high overhead. I’ve come to think this comment misses the mark completely. More likely, they have run out of options. So, they keeping doing the same things over and over and expecting better results. In Becoming a Mean, Teen Parenting Machine, Wirig provides numerous techniques, steps, actions, and strategies plus powerful explanations and examples to help parents build mutual trust, show love and not just say love, and deal with the challenges of technology, anxiety, withdrawal, and anger to name a few. When parents have more tools and options, they increase their odds of having a healthy relationship with their teens."

Al Switzler- Co-author of Crucial Conversations and Influencer

"The Parenting Machine draws our attention to our most important relationships, the relationship we have in our homes and with our children. Every good parent wants more secure relationships with our teenage children, but we don’t know how to get it. Wirig provides actionable ideas that when applied can profoundly impact the quality of our parenting, and will result in stronger, more secure and happier youth. If we want safer communities, including a decrease in violence, bullying, and depression, we have to first focus on our home life. It all starts in our homes and with us, the parents. This parenting guide should be on every bookshelf and referenced frequently by parents who desire a more peaceful and loving home."

Timothy Ballard, best-selling author of Slave Stealers and founder of O.U.R: Operation Underground Railroad

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