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Embracing the Main Event: A Lesson in Remembering

In the hustle and bustle of life, it's easy to get caught up in the never-ending task lists that sometimes control us. This month's theme of "And is the main event" urges us to be present, to enjoy each day, and to be open to what "in the moment" opportunities are offered to us.

When I reached out to Jeannette O., a reader and friend, who inspired this month's theme, she then offered me this:

"Oh, how I need to be reminded of that simple concept over and over … I find it so easy to miss the beautiful gifts God brings across my path each day because I am focused on ‘checking off my to-do list’."

How I appreciated her sharing this, as being too busy is such a common struggle we face in this fast-paced world.

She then shared this story:

Like last night … a lonely lady in our condo building asked if I was busy and if could she come up for coffee. I had plans to ‘accomplish’ things and was a little grumpy about it but I knew it was the right/good thing to do so I said yes! Well, she shared her life story (not a pretty one with a lot of abuse) and then asked if I would pray with her! What a wonderful opportunity to invest in her life, to encourage her … to give her hope when she had been told that she was worthless! Oh my! Thankful for the nudge God gave me to make this lady my ‘main event’ of the evening!

Despite her initial busy mindset, Jeannette realized that this encounter was no accident but a divine opportunity to make a difference in someone's life. In an act of profound empathy, Jeannette became fully engaged in the lady's story. She offered her a listening ear, a compassionate heart, words of encouragement, and the opportunity to seek solace through prayer.

What a special moment, a reminder that if we allow each day to be the main event, we will find that our lives are part of something greater than ourselves.

The story shared by Jeannette serves as a poignant reminder to cherish the opportunities that come our way. I am grateful for this earlier nudge from Jeanette, for her story, and for the focus it has given me this month.

In July, I made a conscious decision to take a step back and prioritize being present with my family during birthdays, holidays, and other special events. Embracing this mindset from the beginning of the month has proven to be a pivotal turning point for me! Despite experiencing a lot of "good" stress at the moment, the theme of being present has allowed me to find a much-needed sense of stillness, replacing nervous energy and fears that could have easily overwhelmed me. As a result, my previous concerns have given way to recognizing and appreciating the blessings of each day.

It's ironic that in adopting this grateful, focused, and open mindset, I have discovered a heightened sense of accomplishment rather than a decrease. It's as if aligning with my priorities has become more natural, and I am now better attuned to where I need to be at any given moment. Furthermore, this newfound presence has opened my eyes to daily blessings that I would have undoubtedly missed had I been constantly rushing to the next thing.

What a precious gift we are bestowed each morning—a single day to embrace wholeheartedly. It's incredible to watch the day unfold with possibilities for meaningful connections, purposeful use of our time, and a chance to embrace the senses around being truly alive!

Thank you, Jeanette, for your wisdom and example!

It truly has changed my day(s)!


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