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FALSE CLAIMS by Katherine Nichols: Bookstore Feature

Updated: May 31

And now, as we round out the year with our last author to be featured at the Christmas pop-up bookstore, it feels like we have come full circle. For me, Katherine Nicholas holds a special place as the first author I spotlighted in January for the 2023 Celebration. Interestingly, it's thanks to Katherine that the 2023 Celebration even came to be.

On November 1, 2022, Katherine, the founder of the Wild Women Who Write podcast, reached out for a blogging exchange opportunity. Little did I know that a simple exchange would lead to a cascade of events, inspiring me to dedicate a year of featuring authors in my 20th-anniversary celebration of growth since my first publication.

In that spirit, here's a throwback to my initial posts about Katherine:

Since featuring Katherine in January, she has had a busy year! Amidst many other noteworthy achievements, she has also released her new novel False Claims.

Book Description:

"Nichols creates a cast of funny eccentrics who are in way over their heads when it comes to fraudulent antiques dealers, deadly doctors, and cold-blooded murderers. " –Kim Conrey Author of Stealing Ares

Lucy Howard has arranged her life around the philosophy honesty is mostly the best policy. But her dream to work in research at a reputable museum doesn't materialize. Instead, she finds herself investigating a charming elderly woman who's running an insurance scam involving the company Lucy works for. She catches her "perfect" boyfriend with another woman. And her favorite narcoleptic- antiques-dealing uncle needs her to prove he's not a murderer, unless he actually is.

Her boss agrees to assist her if she joins his investigation against a doctor suspected of selling human organs. Along with a sexy detective who makes Lucy question her resolve not to rush into another relationship, she becomes involved with some very shady characters. When she begins receiving bizarrely ominous threats, she realizes she could be in real danger.

As the threats escalate, Lucy recognizes that her belief in total transparency might not be enough to save her life. And that if she gets the chance to begin a new one, she must accept that honesty, without love to temper it, can be a cold companion.

About the Author:

Katherine Nichols is the award-winning author of The Sometime Sister, The Sometime Sister, The Unreliables, Trust Issues, and False Claims. Her female protagonists navigate dangerous, unfamiliar territory and come out with an unbreakable sense of self.

Empowering women has always been a passion for Katherine. She began the all-female critique Wild Women Who Write. These women encourage each other in their writing, but they don’t stop there. To reach a wider audience, they started Wild Women Who Write Take Flight, a podcast dedicated to giving authors a voice while providing advice and examples to other writers. They lead and participate in discussions about women and share their personal writing journeys.

Katherine is a vice president of The Atlanta Writers Club and serves on the board of Sisters in Crime Atlanta. When she isn’t spending time with her children and grandchildren or in a writing frenzy, Katherine loves to read, walk, and travel. She lives in Lilburn, Georgia with her husband, two rescue dogs, and two rescue cats.

Other Books by Katherine Nichols:

Upcoming Pop-up Bookstore Events:

Pick up a special postcard of Katherine Nichols's books and learn more information about her fantastic mysteries, as well as other literary gems at this upcoming show:

  • Dates: December 8-9, 2023

  • Times: 1 pm - 8 pm, 10 am - 8 pm

  • Location: Mountain America Expo Center

  • Address: 9575 S State St., Sandy, Utah


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