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Love Reaches Deep

Updated: May 19, 2023

Outside my comfort zone, I feel vulnerable.

When I feel vulnerable, I need extra self-love.

For me, this self-love means caring for my body, watching my thoughts, and nurturing my heart with respect and admiration.

This month is full of hearts. It doesn't take much to see them everywhere. So, it seemed like a natural fit that for February, during my 2023 Celebration, I would also focus on hearts and love.

Consider these questions:

  • How do you show love for yourself?

  • How do you show love to others?

Simple questions? Hard questions?

Are there times when it is easier to show love to yourself (or toward others)?

What does extra self-love mean to you? When do need to give a little more care to your heart?

Love is powerful.

It takes effort to learn about it, nurture it, find it, give it...and yet I believe in the effort comes the reward.

"Love reaches deep into the inner soul, removes barriers, and causes an open spirit to emerge to be receptive to truth, goodness, and change." — James M. Paramore

I invite you to join me this month as we explore what caring, nurturing, guarding, and opening our hearts mean.

Let's love this month!


February's giveaway has special prizes all tied in with different aspects of love.

More details will follow throughout the month.

Special Guests:

Entries are open now. Giveaway ends Feb 28th.


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