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FOR YOU: Being Outside Your Comfort Zone

One thing I have wanted with this celebration is connection. We all have reasons to celebrate, opportunities to grow from, and insights that can inspire others.

I have truly enjoyed the responses shared in this month's giveaway.

To recap some highlights, here are your responses:

Let's celebrate together!

What Will You Celebrate this Year?

  • Family

  • My first book release! I've been in a huge funk the past few months, and I'm working to pull myself out. So, I will also celebrate redefining myself and moving forward.

  • Being published

Share a 2023 goal that makes you feel vulnerable (and excited).

  • I plan to go to the gym for the first time, for better health.

  • I plan to start counseling.

  • Try to lose 50 lbs.

  • Organizing my home has me feeling vulnerable because it's so much!

  • A 2023 goal for myself is to be on the carnivore diet and lose 30 lbs.

  • This year I want to play in more pickleball tournaments. I'm not that great but want to get better!

  • My goal this year is to lose weight at least 30lbs

Share how or when you stepped outside your comfort zone.

  • I stepped out of my comfort zone when I received an electric wheelchair. It is completely different to drive than anything I ever have driven.

  • Stepping outside my comfort zone happened when my cousin convinced me to enter some of my photos in the state fair. Feeling super unqualified, I took the plunge. And I won some awards! Which I really was not expecting to do.

  • Writing my book that is about mine and my husband's transplant. It's very revealing about my life and makes me feel vulnerable.

  • Admitting to my daughter that I was wrong on something

What advice could you share about being outside your comfort zone?

  • Try to do it more often you might surprise yourself

  • Pray. I know that sounds simple, but when I'm outside my comfort zone, the Lord helps me. I can do all things through Christ!

  • It is hard work but worth it.

Want to add your answer to these responses?

  1. Answer a Question!

  2. What Will You Celebrate this Year?

  3. Being Outside Your Comfort Zone

Contest ends Jan 30th.


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