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I love studying the interconnectedness of humanity and our collective responsibility to contribute towards making this world a better place. It's remarkable to witness how each individual, in their own unique way, holds the power to make a meaningful impact within their sphere of influence.

During the JUNE Giveaway, participants were asked three thought-provoking questions: What promises have you made to yourself? What promises have you made to others? And what is your personal theme for this month? The responses poured in, and I want to express my gratitude for the thoughts shared.

These insights touched my heart and brought me great joy. It is through these collective reflections that we find inspiration, guidance, and a shared sense of purpose. Your words serve as a reminder that we are not alone in our aspirations and challenges and that together, we can create a tapestry of positive change.

As I read through the diverse array of responses, I was captivated by the depth of introspection, the sincerity of intentions, and the inherent beauty of your personal journeys. Your promises to yourselves symbolize self-care, growth, and self-empowerment. The promises you have made to others reflect compassion, support, and the profound desire to uplift those around you. And your individual monthly themes demonstrate a commitment to personal development, mindfulness, and embracing the present moment.

Thank you for these responses during the month of June!

Here is a glimpse of the insights shared.

Share a promise made to yourself.

Some of the answers included: ⁠

* Take time for myself

* To have a stable peace of mind no matter what the day brings

* Be kind to and supportive of my parents

* To stay out of trouble

* Eat healthy

* To learn to be good to myself

* To heal

* To declutter my house completely...the Swedish Death

* Get myself early, even when not working

* I promise to restart therapy this year and get healthy.

* Stop letting people make me feel bad about myself

* Never to force myself into a box for others.

* Not beating myself up when my brain decides to punish me, I Am Not A Monster

* To walk more

* Wedding

* Lose weight

* To never smoke again

* To be nicer to those that aren't to me

* Being kinder to myself

* Don't give up on life

* I will keep working on myself.

* Relax and don't worry about what you can't control

* My promise to myself is to start appreciating what I have more. With my teenage life it's easy to get caught up in myself and I want to change to be better!

* Keep improving. Even if I'm exhausted

* Take great care of yourself and do something nice for yourself daily.

* Never keep a job if youre not happy

*A promise I made with myself is to try my hardest every day

Share a promise made to others.

Some of the answers included: ⁠

* Driving to places I have never been

* Just make yourself do it

* Just be yourself because no one thinks about you the way you are scared that they would think.

* Crank up the music

* Loyalty

* We promise to get together for lunch once a month. I am the one that sees that this happens.

* Don't tell secrets

* I promise to be kinder and more patient with my kids.

* That I would help others feel better about themselves

* Open-mindedness, don't judge before I know them. The first thought is not me, the one that follows is.

* To be kind to people

* To help with all the cats anytime I am needed.

* Being available to talk if need be.

* I will be patient.

* Go outside and share their moments

* I promised others to be the best self I can be, to always be there when people need me the most. I intend to keep that promise

* Never let my friend get hurt without having the satisfaction of seeing their perpetrators brought to their knees

* To never smoke again

* To always take care of people who need a little guidance

* Help others write

* I will be here for others always.

* To go to grief counseling due to a lot of deaths in too short a period of time of major people in my life.

* To be a good person

* Be the bigger person when it comes to my feelings about certain situations

* To "have their back" when the need arises.

What's your month's theme?

Some of the answers included: ⁠

* Drove to places I haven't been before

* Adopting a new pet

* Moving to a new city!

* Pay down credit card debts

* Be Better

* (Yearly Theme) Embracing Life

* Bolster and Strengthen My People

* Finding joy every day

* Baby gender reveal for my granddaughter

* Eat more veggies

* My month theme is called trying to make it thru lol

* Helping my daughter move

* Service

* Read books

* Trying to get the orange cat inside. He was dumped at my house.

* Don't sweat the small stuff!

* Be joyful each day

* Pride!

* Mindfulness, finding clarity within my own mind

* Walking more

* Self love and healing.

* Self-care

* Be positive and appreciate what I have with my whole heart

* Weekly watercolor

* Bright dresses and fun nail polish and new sandals

* Strive and Survive

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Congratulations to the winners of the JUNE Giveaway:⁠

* Mikhail R. ⁠

* Heidi C.

* Elizabeth B.


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