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FOR YOU: Where Am I Essential?

On a recent walk, I found some beautiful treasures through leaf skeletons.

During the winter months, the outer green layer of these leaves is removed. What is left behind is the vein network of what once provided food and water to the leaf's living cells. The lasting treasure is a striking, elegant, intricate design showcasing the very essence of how that leaf lived.

In the MAR Giveaway, three questions were asked about our own vein network of life.

Thank you for the answers shared. Your responses brought joy to my heart. Like these leaves, we each bring our own beauty and essential contributions that make this world a better place. Here are just some of the delicate, intricate, and elegant insights.

Q: You have unique gifts, abilities, and stewardship. Celebrate where your contributions have meaning. Where are you essential?

Some of the answers included: ⁠

* I'm a good mom and I bake a great chocolate chip cookie.

* Within my family, within my neighborhood, within a broad community of crafters, and within my faith group

* Getting people together ⁠

* I am essential to Jesus Christ in proclaiming His Gospel.

* Baking and cooking⁠

* With my grandsons

* As a volunteer Board member at my local animal shelter

* Church and volunteering with a local food pantry

* Stand up for what I believe in even if I am standing alone ⁠

* Crocheting chemo hats for a local hospital cancer center and hats and scarves for foster children's clothing closet

*My dad needs me

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Q: If money was no option, but you still had to work, what would be your dream job?

Some of the answers included: ⁠

* Drawing and painting

* Making junk journals

* Public speaking

* Working for Google

* Own a book/toy/puzzle store

* Librarian (I use to be a library clerk and loved it)

* Farmer ⁠

* Airline Stewardess⁠

* Forest ranger

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Q: How will you seize the day?

* Exercise to stay healthy for my family

* Make essential appointments

* Help others

* Share a post on social media today

* Caretaker

* Taking care of my family

* To have more patience

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Congratulations to the winners of the MAR Giveaway:⁠

* Stephanie H. ⁠

* Amber K.

* Michelle C.


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