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Helping, Keeping, and Promises

Recently, as I was driving from our town's post office to my home, I noticed a house with a semi-trailer parked in its driveway. The message on the trailer caught my attention. I felt compelled to turn back and capture a photo.

There are three messages here:

  1. Helping others

  2. Keeping promises

  3. Helping others keep promises

It's around this message that I've centered my June theme: Helping Others Keep Promises.

It's already started with wonderful events and experiences, encouraging moments for both myself and others. It's inspiring and fulfilling.


On the first of June, after sharing this theme with Kat (KJ) Fieler in connection with her upcoming interview, she responded with this:

Tara, these subjects you are doing are touching my soul and are so timely.

Last night, I blurted out, '"Home."

My husband was like, "What are you talking about?"

I said, "Tara's topics. Mine is "What is Home?" Define it. To me, it's a state of mind, not a house, not a town or state, or even a country.

Tara, you prompted this.

This response was so validating. For Kat, she gets it. Her topic is Home which is a reoccurring theme found in her new debut Shadow Runner.

I hope others might also look for their themes.

For me, it's been very empowering and life-changing. I start the month out with a focus, some questions, and running thoughts and then I let the magic of living teach me wonderful lessons around the topic. At the end of the month, I do a reflective wrap-up to observe what has occurred throughout this time. It's been quite an incredible learning experience.

And it's prompted me to listen better and to see more. Last month, I got a beautiful email from a friend who shared a passing phrase that already is slated to be July's theme. Yesterday, I had a special talk with a cousin, in a follow-up text about our visit, he shared a phrase that prompted August's theme.

I invite you to find your personal theme. If it works for you, do it monthly. Let it become a positive place to put your focus.

Happy June!



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