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How Do You Interact with Stories

Often when I publically speak I share this story from my childhood.

When I was four I learned how to read. I loved reading and wanted to enjoy as many books as I could find. Then when I was five, my mom said we were going to go to the library to see how books were made. In my young mind, I could not wait to discover the secret behind how this happened.

Once inside the library, I clearly remember peering down the stairs as we headed into the basement to this book-making workshop. As eager as I could, I tried to spot the magic! And to my surprise, I saw... PEOPLE!

This was the first moment when I understood that people made books. So right then and there I decided if people made books, I would make books.

The workshop was more about book-binding. But it ended up being perfect for me, because when I left the library that day, I had a newly-made book with empty pages. Right away, I got to work writing my first story.

And the dreams only grew from there.

Three circles, one labeled Read, one labeled Write, and one labeled Share. The text Stories is under the three circles.
Read Stories, Write Stories, Share Stories

I still love reading stories. I still love writing stories. But I have discovered a new joy that is richer than I could have imagined.

When that young version of me saw that people made books, I clearly knew I, too, needed to be a part of the magic. Now, in my forties, I am learning, in new ways, how fun it is to help others experience this magical joy of sharing their stories.

The awe of creation continues! I am humbled and thrilled to be at this stage of my love for stories!

Welcome to Patella Publishing Services. A place to Elevate Stories!

-Tara C. Allred

Three circles intersecting with the labels Read, Write, Share. The text Stories is beneath the circles.
A Place to Build Connections


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