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I Am Growing

Mindset truly makes all the difference in the world!

Over the past couple of years, I embarked on a personal journey to understand my strengths and weaknesses. Initially, it was a challenging process, but as time has gone on, it has become an exciting and liberating experience. I now find myself experiencing greater freedom and joy.

One significant turning point was when I allowed myself to acknowledge my weaknesses and asked myself, "Now what?" Strangely enough, being aware of and accepting these weaknesses lessened their paralyzing grip on me. It has been a transformative experience that has provided me with a fresh perspective to approach life's experiences with less negativity.

Throughout this journey, I have come to know myself better, not through a negative or critical lens, but in terms of how I navigate life's challenges and continue to grow as an individual. It's opened the door to lean on a greater source of help.

So, when this year began, I decided to approach it differently—with a celebrating heart and a growth mindset.

This approach has changed me!

I still feel fears, doubts, uncertainty, frustrations, disappointments, and failures—but with a growth mindset, I can honestly say it has allowed me to:

  • Work through my fears

  • Move past the doubts

  • Be okay that I don't have all the answers

  • Allow that risk means letting go of control

  • Be more intentional about what my real goals are

  • Take a step back for a better vision of my failures - and successes

It's been an amazing and humbling journey.

The biggest takeaway is if I choose to really be me—and LIVE while being me—then I need to accept that growth is part of life.

That means it's okay that I will stumble. In my attempts, I won't get everything right. Some things I will need to abandon along the way. Other things I will need to embrace, even if they are difficult, painful, or challenging. In some cases, I just need to continue on.

Learning is about growing. Learning is also about making mistakes. Through those mistakes, evaluation comes. Then modifications and new plans are made. This is what growing is all about: learning, improving, progressing.

A growth mindset isn't easy, but it also is liberating.

"You have to take risks in life to have an adventure." - The Manticore, Onward

So I choose to keep growing!


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