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Island memories, grief and loss, and Ohana's bond

My heart, like that of many others, aches in the wake of Maui's recent devastations. The year 2012 marked the start of a tradition for my family. Thanks to my second dad, Chuck, my mom and siblings had the opportunity to venture to Maui every other year in July.

The island's landscape is woven with cherished memories of time with my mom, Chuck, my siblings, nieces and nephews, and my husband, Jeff. Every trip, a day is spent in Lahaina. Contemplating our memories, I'm reminded of countless families whose own recollections are interwoven with this beloved place. Yet, my thoughts also turn to those whose lives have been unceremoniously plunged into a nightmare, a swift transformation from paradise to desolation.

Outside our home in Utah, a magnificent Hawaiian plant thrives. This past Saturday marked a rare event: a double bloom. To me, this occurrence resonates as a testament to the enduring strength of the Ohana bond. Both the families native to the islands and those from the mainland converge, united in their determination to aid in the resurrection of this breathtaking land.

The path forward will undoubtedly be challenging, yet within the resilience of its people and the island itself lies the fortitude to overcome this ordeal.

Thoughts, prayers, hope, and support for our grieving Hawaiian brothers and sisters. This truly is a time of great loss for Maui!


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