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July's Wrap-Up

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Here's what happened in July.

Exploring the Theme: is the main event

Lots has been going on but I used July to pause and be more present each day.

July's Giveaway carried a focus of capturing memories.


July's theme

Wow! This year is going fast!

The second half of the 2023 Celebration has a slightly different twist. I'm eager to share, but I can't yet. So for right now, July is a bit of a "pause and prepare" month.

Embracing the Main Event: A Lesson in Remembering

In the hustle and bustle of life, it's easy to get caught up in the never-ending task lists that sometimes control us. This month's theme of "And is the main event" urges us to be present, to enjoy each day, and to be open to what "in the moment" opportunities are offered to us.

When I reached out to Jeannette O., a reader and friend, who inspired this month's theme, she then offered me this wonderful story:


Something is in the Works - Part I

I'm amid a captivating chain reaction – a journey that both humbles and excites me! This story spans a vast expanse of time, and it continues to unfold before my eyes. Now, I've made the decision to start sharing the parts I can, so you can come along on this enthralling journey.

Imagine this tale as a delicate thread with a knot nestled right in the heart of it. We neither stand at the beginning nor the end; instead, we find ourselves right in the middle of this thread's intricate story.

I'll take you on an excursion back along the string, so we can arrive at the knot soon enough.


Something is in the Works - Part II

A former student's question, a chain reaction, a cascading of events to which I almost said "no" to.

Here is "Something is in the Works - Part II".


Meet James Davidson

For quite some time, I've been excited to interview this special guest for my 2023 Celebration.⁠


K.J. Fieler's Live Book Launch

From Kat Fieler's newsletter:

Drum roll, please!

To celebrate the launch of my debut novel, Shadow Runner, I’ve put together a little shindig. Join me and five best sellers LIVE at 6:30 pm EST on July 28th. Our featured authors are Tara Allred, Susan Kaye Quinn, David Rabin, Fiona Cawdron, and Gail Ward Olmsted.

Hosted by GoIndieNow and emceed by the lovely and talented Ms. Tonya Todd, whom you may have seen in the TV show, Black Ops …Yes that actually is Senator Ann! This exciting event will include discounts, giveaways, games, and lots and lots of merriment! Watch on GoIndieNow's YouTube page, FB Live, or Twitch.



On Wednesday, July 19th, I had the incredible opportunity to revisit Logan, Utah. This city holds a special place in my heart, as it was my home back in 2003 when I signed with my first publisher and diligently worked on the revisions of my debut novel, Sanders Starfish, preparing it for publication.

It was a surreal moment to return. At a beautiful park near the Logan River, I took some time to do the final ordering of events for For the Eternal. Twenty years ago, I sat near that same spot, working tirelessly on Sanders' Starfish. I cherish this retrospective moment, remembering the beginning while currently working to bring The Existence Series to its end.

Very soon I will be reaching out to my beta readers. It's about to get real!


More July Happenings

Check out this month's newsletter for more updates and info.


It's been a busy month and I haven't yet been able to share it all, but grateful for the journey and the chance to focus on the main event of each day. It really has made all the difference!


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