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LITTLE OWL by Lauri Schoenfeld

In the past, I labeled UnAuthored Letters as a psychological suspense novel. Turns out there really isn't a "psychological suspense" genre. Instead, it gets shifted into a "psychological thriller" label. I have since learned that's probably not an accurate genre for my work. But Little Owl—this is a book that keeps you turning pages in an effort to figure out what's going on. Reading this book has taken me on an interesting journey. A definite thriller!

Book Description

Adaline Rushner is a woman in pieces. Her daughters have gone missing, and although the authorities seem to have found their bodies, something still isn’t right. Her husband, Cache, can’t bear the pain and wants to move on, but Adaline can’t shake the feeling they’re still alive. She even starts seeing them in the house, though Cache does not. Adaline wonders whether this current tragedy has something to do with the misfortune and painful experiences she suffered in her own childhood, but her memories have gaps in them that she can’t quite close on her own.

After Adaline and Cache move to Salt Lake City, everything gets even stranger. Local cop Officer Abbott thinks Adaline’s distinctive owl necklace may somehow link to his own missing daughter. Adaline’s neighbor Maggie offers assistance and comfort, but Adaline suspects her of hiding other truths from her. Adaline tries to prepare for her girls’ eventual return while investigating her own past forgotten traumas, but a threatening message urges her to let the past stay forgotten. Can Adaline find the truth and save her marriage to Cache, or will the tangled web of memories from her past keep her from moving on?

Content Warning

This book contains strong language and explores mental health topics of panic attacks, depression, and PTSD from trauma.


One of my Favorite Parts

His wedding ring swirled around his finger. He watched the ring's motion for a minute and thought about how their marriage looked kind of the same. Always moving in a circle, full of confusion, chaos. A whirlwind of emotions tied them together. He had to make this work.


"A mother's worst fear is realized when her daughters disappear and the authorities seem to confirm their death. But Lauri Schoenfeld's protagonist isn't so sure and each new day brings another whisper that reality might not be what it seems. Lauri's gripping debut explores the intersection where grief and sanity converge. The story moves at a lightning pace and ends up challenging us to explore our capacity for faith and forgiveness. It's a visceral but ultimately rewarding read from an author I hope will bring us many more stories that test our paradigms in a way that would make Rod Serling proud. Highly recommended."—Author, Terry Sheperd

"This is a true thriller that will leave you guessing what is real or not. When a couple's little girls go missing, everyone thinks they're dead - but Adaline isn't convinced they're gone. As you read on, it becomes clear that many characters have a past that is a lot darker than one would think. As the police try to find the kidnapper and killer behind a series of crimes, the characters become intertwined. The ending is jam-packed with action and plot twists you won't see coming. If you enjoy thrillers or suspense, you should definitely read this book!"

—Author, Sara Kjeldsen

"Entering the literary realm of psychological thrillers is a challenge for experienced writers, but Lauri proves her mettle in this dark but very real story of missing children, able to capture – and sustain – the degree of terror the subject matter suggests and still provide a cast of characters so credible that the story soars. Both a fascinating plot concept an impressive execution with Lauri’s writing skills, this is a book that appears to introduce an author of authority. Hopefully, a screenwriter or director will recognize the cinematic possibilities! Very highly recommended." —Top 10 Amazon Reviewer, Grady Harp

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