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May Wrap-Up

Here's what happened in May.

Exploring the Theme: GROWTH

What does the phrase "Let Yourself Grow" really mean? During May, I have been on a hunt to find out.


Meet Katie Millar Wirig

Last year, my dear friend Katie Millar Wirig reached out about her amazing work in progress. I was delighted! Becoming a Mean, Teen Parenting Machine: A Step-By-Step Guide to Transform Your Relationship with Your Teenager was released this February and no one is better qualified to write such an important resource!

She is a parenting and mental health coach, a co-creator of the Anxiety Healing Program, and a founder of @thebalancedmindproject on Instagram. But most importantly, she is the mother to five wonderful children.

Through the years, I have loved my talks with Katie on the importance of families. She is a force for good providing resources and education to families on how to be more deliberate in their relationships.

I am delighted to feature Katie as a guest author this month.


A step-by-step guide for better relationships with teens, this book is incredible! Katie Millar Wirig does remarkable in balancing the ideal with reality.

You'll soon leave behind the critical voice and embark on a transformative journey with Katie. Through her reflections, celebrations, and heightened awareness, you'll be inspired to recommit to one of the most vital tasks a human can undertake on this earth: raising the next generation.


Growth: An Interview with Katie Millar Wirig

"Relationships are like trees. It is like a homeowner asking a gardener to fix a leaf on a tree. Even though the leaves are suffering, any good gardener knows that the leaves are just a representation of what is happening at the root. This is the same with our children. We cannot address behaviors without first addressing the most foundational parts of the relationship."

This month I had the opportunity to interview Author Katie Millar Wirig. I very much appreciate the wise insight she shares. A treasure for all of us is here.


Storymakers and My Growth

This year offered a special moment for me when, at last, I was able to present a workshop at the Storymakers Writers Conference.

I was humbled by the incredible group that filled the room! A truly memorable experience.


Meet Elena Shelest

Author Elena Shelest has incredible compassion and does so much good in the book world and on a much larger front. Plus, she is an exceptional storyteller! I fan-girled when I got to also spotlight Elena this month.



Well-written, clever, and entertaining—I absolutely loved this book!

Book Description

She has only seven days to choose her destiny... Grace leads a fairy-tale-free existence in rainy Seattle, struggling to provide for her frail mother and younger sister. But when a mysterious package arrives from her eccentric aunt, she is suddenly thrown into a whirlpool of unusual events.


How Do I Keep Growing: An Interview with Elena Shelest

"In creative work, I think what's important is to find joy, inspiration, and just have fun. If something is taking this away from you as a writer, go on a search to rediscover it...Do whatever it takes to get a hold of that first spark...Discover what's important for you, and go after it. Learn from others, but don't try to copy them. Not everyone's journey is the same. Do what fits yours."

I so appreciate Author Elena Shelest sharing her thoughts with me this month. She teaches both by word and example. Enjoy her insights!


And my sum up of May's lesson

"You have to take risks in life to have an adventure." - The Manticore, Onward

A growth mindset isn't easy, but it also is liberating.

When this year began, I decided to approach it differently—with a celebrating heart and a growth mindset.

This approach has changed me!


What a month! I have learned so much. I even broke my blog in the process, that was exciting.

I know changes are ahead. Some good. Some challenging. I needed this month to prepare. With the lessons learned, I feel hopeful and ready for more adventures ahead.

Winners of the giveaway are posted here.


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