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Meet Elena Shelest

Other than Instagram interactions, I haven't met Elena. But she is my hero!

Here's why:

  • She is an absolute force for good in the indie author world. When I first joined Instagram she invited me to join a select group of authors. At the time, I thought my new book series would fit under a certain genre (which it didn't), but because of that group, I met some wonderful author friends.

  • Since then I continuously see her supporting others in both the book world and on a larger front with global events. She has incredible compassion and does so much good in this world.

  • Plus, her writing is amazing. I am a total fan.

Because of this, I am excited to introduce you to Elena.

Elena Shelest immigrated to the U.S. from Ukraine at the age 15. She currently resides in Oregon with her husband, two busy kids, and three pets.

Elena is a nurse, an artist, and an avid reader of fantasy and inspirational fiction. In her books, she is hoping to encourage others to look beyond what's possible and believe again that everyday miracles do happen.


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Be sure to enter to win a digital copy of Elena's incredible novel Seven Lives of Grace.

“Shelest weaves an incredible story of inner beauty, finding truth and oneself, and what it means to leave the world better than you found it. I loved Grace from the beginning, as she related to my nerdiness and desire to do something with her life but stuck in a job that might not have been her dream. Themes of family, love, and forgiveness are highly emphasized in this story. Not only must Grace discover her destiny, but figure out how to mend her broken family and broken heart. The Seven Lives of Grace is a fantastic read and I highly recommend to any girl struggling to find themself or their purpose in this life.”

—D. M. Sonntag, Amazon Review


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