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Meet James Davidson

James Davidson blends his passion of storytelling, imagination, and performing—as a full-length audiobook narrator.

James is a writer, self-proclaimed bookworm and button masher; if stories or video games allow him to explore deep dungeons, alien oceans, or a futuristic world, he’s content. His goal is to share every creative story with others—who also crave the chance to be in different worlds—one chapter at a time.

When he’s not recording audiobooks, you’ll find James soaking up every minute of newlywed bliss and often serenading his beautiful wife.

Interview with James Davidson

TCA: Please introduce yourself to this group.

JD: I am a writer, a reader, and a narrator. Although, to be certain, I never thought I'd get anywhere near that last one. I also like to play video games when I can. The imagination is a wonderful thing, and I like to explore it in all the mediums it presents itself.

TCA: Please share a creative, professional, or personal goal you have.

JD: In my life, I've always wanted to be a father. But other than that, I also want the stories that float around in my head to be heard. In all the ways they present themselves, like music, the written word, and visual media.

TCA: Since you've read my books, for fun, please share how you feel about John Sanders.

JD: If I ever met John Sanders, first and foremost I would very much respect his work ethic and dedication. He's a well-spoken and smart person, and I feel like I could learn a lot from him. But honestly, Randy's right. He's too cinched up. He really needs to relax.

TCA: July's theme on my blog is " is the main event!" which is about being present each day and observing the cool events that just happen on the particular day you are in. Please share a cool little story of something unexpected about this day.

JD: My favorite moment of the day was some of the creative breakthroughs I made building the world of the novel I'm writing. It seems that a lot has been coming naturally to me, and I'm very excited to put it on the page.

TCA: How did you and I meet?

JD: Nine years ago, this author walked into my creative writing classroom. My teacher told me that she was crowdsourcing and wanted high schoolers to read her book and provide feedback. That author was Tara. Seven years later, I reached out to her and took a shot in the proverbial dark. I asked if I could audition to be the narrator for her books since she had none. She very apprehensively said I could send her an audition sample. Give it another few weeks and we were both on a journey to become partners in this grand endeavour. Now I can proudly say that it is more real than it's ever been.

I let James share his version of the story first, stay tuned for my version.



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