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Meet K.J. (Kat) Fieler

On May 9, 2014, I received this note from a reader via Goodreads:

"I'm reading Sander's Starfish, and I am enjoying it tremendously. I should let you know that I blame you for the piles of dishes, the un-vacuumed floors, the messy cat box, and for the mounts of laundry. ;-) Merry Maids could drum up a lot of business by partnering with authors, such as yourself, who make it difficult for readers to put the book down. Kudos. I'll be looking for another of yours when I finish this one."

As you can imagine this note made my day! But on that day, what I couldn't have imagined is how much that reader would impact my future.

I responded back to Kat and thanked her for the special note (which means the world to us authors when we get an "insider view" from a reader's experience). I also shared some of my other projects and then invited her to sign up for my newsletter, which she did.

Fast forward to 2016, and through my newsletter, I asked for some beta readers for my novel Helping Helper. She responded and I learned a bit more about her and how connected she was to the publishing world. She introduced me to the talented Ellen Campbell, who then edited Helping Helper.

Over time Kat became a superfan (which is a beloved status by an author). She bought all my books, gave them the most rewarding reviews, referred and bought my books for friends, and seemed to pop in with a special note at the most essential moments. She truly kept me going at times.

Then in 2020, she reached out to reveal that she had her own writing aspirations and she was on course to fulfill her dreams. She invited me to be her writing coach and gave me a chance to look at her incredible work in progress. Quickly, I fell in love with her character Ada! The magic from K.J. Fieler's steampunk novel spilled into my own life. I absolutely loved my time working with her. The experience most likely benefited me more than it did Kat.

So, you can only imagine my grand delight when Kat reached out to let me know she had signed with Black Rose Writing Publishing House. On June 1, 2023, her book was released and within a week's time, her book reached #1 in New Releases in Teen and Young Adult Historical Fantasy ebooks.

Congratulations, Kat! It is with great joy I announce this month's spotlight. Please meet K.J. (Kat) Fieler.

Author K.J. Fieler is a panelist on the Wild Women Who Write podcast, a member of the Atlanta Writers’ Club, Florida Writers’ Association, North Florida Writers, Henderson Group, and the Amelia Island Book Festival. Her short story, Loyalty, is slated to be archived on the Moon via the Lunar Codex project. Her novel, Shadow Runner, is the first in a three-book Victorian Adventure series. Technically a Florida resident, Fieler spends most of the year traveling with her husband and blogging from their Airstream at various national parks.


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Be sure to enter to win this month's gift basket loaded with all sorts of fun goodies including an autographed paperback copy of K.J.'s incredible debut novel Shadow Runner!

"Prepare to be transported. Shadow Runner takes the reader into both a Victorian landscape and a supernatural one. Fieler’s use of setting blends with magic, intrigue, and grit to make this a truly soulful read. As much as the supernatural elements blend with the setting so skillfully, better still, is the resilience of our heroine, Ada, as she moves through grief, fear, and finally, the courage to dig deep enough to not only survive but make the hard choices that truly define a person. A great read!"


—Kim Conrey, author of Stealing Ares


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