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Meet Katie Millar Wirig, M.A.

Updated: May 10, 2023

Last year, my dear friend Katie Millar Wirig reached out about her amazing work in progress. We chatted off and on about her publishing options. Once she signed with a publisher, it was slated for a 2024 release date...and then SURPRISE - the publisher pushed it through sooner. Her book is here! And it is so needed!!!

No one is better qualified to write such an important resource. When I published The Other Side of Quiet (which focused a great deal on the importance of family), Katie founded an organization The Power of Family. Together, we had very cherished discussions about parenting, motherhood, the family unit, and what resources were available to help families. Recently, Katie discovered a need for a parenting book on communicating, setting boundaries, and fostering trust with teenagers.

Katie is one of those people who shines in every situation. She has had many opportunities to pursue a variety of passions and interests, but her central focus has always been on the responsibility and blessing of raising her five children.

This month, I am delighted to spotlight Katie and her important work.

Katie Millar Wirig is a former actress and Top 10 Miss America contestant. She knows the thrill of the spotlight but prefers mountains and hiking boots. When her children were born Katie intentionally chose to step away from the cameras and devote herself to raising her five children. She holds advanced degrees in psychology and has used these skills to educate families on becoming more deliberate in their relationships.

She is a parenting and mental health coach, a co-creator of the Anxiety Healing Program, and founder of The Balanced Mind Project.

Katie and her wonderful family reside in Utah.


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This is the biggest giveaway yet! Patella Publishing wishes to thank Katie Millar Wirig, M.A. for the generous donation.

Be sure to enter to win this month's giveaway! And pass on this opportunity to a friend!

The Grand Prize includes:

  • Paperback copy of Becoming A Mean Teen Parenting Machine (ARV $13)

  • Lifetime access to the At-Home Anxiety Healing Program (ARV $147)

About Becoming A Mean Teen Parenting Machine:

Creating a happy and emotionally healthy teenager begins in the interactions with their parents. The Parenting Machine reveals the keys to transforming your relationship with your adolescent children. Teenagers are a maze of emotions and many parents are throwing up their arms wondering what happened to their sweet, obedient child. Taking it back to the basics, mother and educator Katie M. Wirig, demonstrates how to implement tried and true principles that will ensure results. Read more here.

About the At-Home Anxiety Healing Program:

This program is ideal for any family. It gives your teen or loved one a way to learn proper coping tools that will help them throughout life. The program consists of 8 audio sessions and a journal to track progress. It simulates CBT group therapy sessions but can be done privately and in the comfort of your own home. It can be done as a family, or done individually, but many people find it especially helpful to do in a group setting. Learn more here.


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