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Meet Lauri Schoenfeld

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

In the winter of 2017, I attended an all-day training event—that ended up not being what I expected. A little discouraged, I headed to the venue's closest lunch option. Right as I took my seat, I heard three other women at a nearby talk about the event. For some unknown reason, confidence took over, and I started a conversation. Lauri invited me over to join the group, only to discover I had sat down with a table of fellow writers. The training wasn't geared for writers, but we all had come with similar hopes (and disappointments) that this event would offer us useful skills.

Fortunately, the day was not a loss but rather a victory. I met three wonderful authors from the Salt Lake City area. Each shared their works-in-progress along with how their writings tapped into their passions, goals, and interests. Even more fun, I discovered that Lauri wrote psychological suspense, which I thought I wrote at the time (more on that later). We all had a wonderful time visiting. Then fast forward to five years later when Lauri happily announced the release of her literary psychological thriller Little Owl. Such a thrill to see the fruits of a writer's dedicated labor! Congratulations, Lauri!

Author Bio

Lauri Schoenfeld currently resides in Utah with her husband, three kids, and dog, Jack Wyatt Wolverine. She’s an author, motivational speaker, mentor, and teacher, raising awareness about Child Abuse and Scoliosis. She’s a frequent guest with multiple writing groups, podcasts, and businesses, talking about Connecting to Your Artist, Embracing Your Fears To Succeed, Learning to Love Yourself After Abuse, and Your Voice is More Than Your Vocal Cords.

Lauri Schoenfeld is the owner of Inner Enlightenment, a business built around connecting to your inner light and the child within, through stillness, creativity, play, and self-expression. She’s the host of The Enlightenment Podcasts. Her goal and focus is to turn a negative experience into something positive, through writing, speaking, and teaching.


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Be sure to enter to win Lauri's book Little Owl.

"This is a true thriller that will leave you guessing what is real or not. When a couple's little girls go missing, everyone thinks they're dead - but Adaline isn't convinced they're gone. As you read on, it becomes clear that many characters have a past that is a lot darker than one would think. As the police try to find the kidnapper and killer behind a series of crimes, the characters become intertwined. The ending is jam-packed with action and plot twists you won't see coming. If you enjoy thrillers or suspense, you should definitely read this book!"

—Author Sara Kjeldsen


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