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Meet Mechelle Leifson Wride

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

I had the pleasure of meeting Mechelle at Author-Con in 2019. She approached my table, introduced herself, and mentioned her book project. Our conversation left me convinced that her story needed to be shared. I gave her my contact info and said I would be happy to share a few tips to help her along her journey.

In the following months, we exchanged messages, discussing the next steps she should take in her writing journey.

Then, the pandemic hit. On April 4, 2020, Mechelle shared:

This is just crazy. But yes, we all have lots of extra time. My book is coming along. It's crazy how much time it takes...the editing is the hard part. I'm self-editing it, and then I will find an editor. My Addict Mom Facebook page now has over 15,000 members, moms looking for hope, and I have it.

Every day, at least five moms write and have lost a loved one. It's so sad. My audience is waiting... Can't wait until your book is done. So glad we met. STAY SAFE.

I responded with this message:

You are amazing! It has to be so rewarding to know that an audience is waiting for your book and that your efforts are not being wasted. All the best to you! I know this is a huge undertaking, but many will be blessed by your efforts.

Then I offered more recommendations for her next steps.

Our next contact took place in July 2021, when Mechelle reached out, saying, How are you doing? How is the writing going? I am still writing. This is so much harder than I ever thought.

I empathized with:

Yes, writing a book is a huge undertaking. Many people think they would like to write a book, but it's not until you dive in that you really discover the amount of work that goes into the project to really do it justice. And I know your book project is extremely dear, so I can only imagine the challenge it is, but hopefully rewarding in its own dear way too. I think I mentioned to you I was working on a memoir-type book project also. I find it's emotionally more challenging than my fiction. So I really appreciate what you are doing.

I offered the next round of steps for her journey.

On August 18, 2021, Mechelle shared her progress and said: I need your help!

And the stars aligned for us, at that moment, I had time to give her more dedicated support.

She then shared this:

The more I write, the more I know I need to get it out there. So many people are struggling with addiction. They need to know faith gets you through.

From October 2021 to November 2022, we steadily worked on her dear project. Occasionally, we took some breaks, but once April of this year hit, it's been full steam ahead.

Last night, as the beautifully formatted book was released to Mechelle for review, we both expressed our excitement! And we both confessed there was a sense of bittersweetness to reach this wonderful end. For two years, I have been closely involved with Mechelle's project. For her, it has been six years of dedicated work to cover well over twenty years of formative experiences. We are truly at a tender and exciting time as we approach the release of AFLOAT: Drug Addiction through a Mother's Eyes x4!

So, amid these tremendous blessings, it is an immense honor and privilege to introduce you to this month's featured author.

Mechelle Leifson Wride lives in peaceful Salem, Utah, where she enjoys family time and the fresh country air. She has six children, seven stepchildren, and thirty-seven darling grandkids. Mechelle is extremely active in her community. For twenty-three years, she taught children in the local schools mainly working with students struggling with behavior issues. She also worked as an organizer for PANIC (People Against Narcotics in the Community), and taught Sunday school to women inmates at the Utah County Jail. She has been a hairstylist for forty-seven years and is still doing hair today. In her spare time, Mechelle enjoys making minky blankets, boating, traveling, helping the elderly, and snuggling with her grandbabies.


PreOrder Info

Mechelle's book will be released on November 6, 2023. You can preorder your copy today.


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