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Meet Michelle Dennis Christensen

This month's guest is extremely special to me.

In Jan 2017, I received a notification that I had a new subscriber to my newsletter followed by this message via my website:

I just finished The Other Side of Quiet. I loved it and want more. The back cover of the paperback I read said I could find out more...

The message was signed by Michelle Dennis Christensen.

Our correspondence quickly led to a friendship where Michelle shared this:

I'm an aspiring author myself but have never done anything with it. I always have excuses as to why I'm not writing...but I'm learning that these are just excuses. It resonated with me in the novel when Savannah admitted that she hadn't finished her book because she was afraid. That hit home; bottom line, I'm afraid. I'd like to face my fears and write [what] has been burning inside of my head for 25 years, if for no other reason than to say that I finally did it. :)

Well, Michelle has finally done it! I was incredibly fortunate to read early drafts of her manuscript Mirrors of Jesus and it truly is a remarkable story! For over a year, I've anxiously awaited the release of this inspirational memoir. Over and over again I find myself returning back to portions of Mirrors of Jesus that genuinely have left a mark on my life. With great joy, I introduce you to this amazing lady!

Michelle's Story

I am a kidney donor, award-winning author, speaker, avid family historian, and chocolate lover. I’m passionate about shining a spotlight on the Savior to share His love and light with others. I love the scriptures and any symbolism that teaches about Jesus Christ and know—without any doubt—that Gospel Doctrine teacher is the best calling ever. I love to teach and share gospel principles in an approachable manner that relates to every-day life.

When I was in my early thirties, I married Martin Christensen, a widower with four children, and I left my career to be their mother. Martin and I were blessed to have two children together. I’m grateful and humbled that all six children call me “Mom.”

I have always loved writing. My first short story, that I wrote when I was about nine, detailed life on the mysterious Planet X, the elusive world just beyond Pluto (which, I still think is a planet). Over the years I composed too many essays, a master’s thesis, academic articles, Internet website copy, and scores of company job descriptions—none of which are as exciting as my current books. Currently I’m writing YA and Middle Grade sci-fi both of which have ties to family history. I enjoy turning real-life events and family history stories into inspirational narrative accounts.

Mirrors of Jesus: Finding Parallels to Christ in Our Lives is my first book. I’m also published in two non-fiction anthologies, From Ashes: An Inspirational Non-FictionAnthology and Watch Over, Lift, and Strengthen.


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Be sure to enter to win Michelle's new release Mirrors of Jesus.

"Both timely (given the chaos in the world) and timeless (no matter whether you come to mortality in a peaceful season or a storm, we all need our Savior to help us live with hope, grace, and courage)."

- Heidi Brockbank, Editor with Eschler Editing


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