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MIRRORS OF JESUS by Michelle Dennis Christensen

I got to be a beta reader of an early draft of this inspirational memoir in April 2021. All I can say is this book is absolutely life-changing. For two years, I have eagerly awaited its release and looked forward to sharing this story with loved ones.

Now it's finally here!

An absolute treasure, Mirrors of Jesus will teach you about love and so much more!

Book Description

“The truth was sobering. Without a great sacrifice, Martin would die.”

When her husband and the father of her children was struck with a devastating illness, Michelle felt her world begin to crumble. Years of fruitless testing and treatment strained their family’s nerves and finances. An eventual diagnosis of kidney failure came with the promise of Martin’s premature death if he didn’t receive a transplant. How could they ask someone for such a huge personal sacrifice?

Though Michelle was terrified of needles, blood, and hospitals, she donated one of her kidneys to save his life. During the agonizing months of dialysis, compatibility testing, surgery, and recovery, Michelle and Martin were struck by the parallels between their current situation and the ultimate sacrifice of our Savior Jesus Christ. Just as Martin would die without Michelle’s freely given kidney, all of God’s children would die—physically, spiritually, eternally—without Christ’s Atonement.

The scriptures tell us that all things typify Christ, and we are constantly surrounded by mirrors of Him and His sacrifice. In this moving memoir, author Michelle Christensen shares how her family’s trials strengthened her understanding of Christ and His overwhelming love. Though Michelle’s story is unique, each of us can find reflections of the Savior in our everyday lives. By finding Him, we learn to trust Him more, and we find greater happiness and peace in our individual journeys through life.

“This book changed me. As an author of inspirational memoir and nonfiction, I don’t say that often. Christensen’s writing style is easy and engaging and her story is powerfully moving. But the way she connects Jesus to our everyday lives—that is the heart of this book. I understand Him, feel Him, and see Him more now. This book is a gift.”

—Michelle Wilson, author of Leaning on Jesus

My Endorsement of the Book:

"Powerful message, impactful book, Mirrors of Jesus offers a unique perspective on how to see our Savior both within the most difficult of trials as well as the daily acts of living life. Michelle Christensen invites us into a personal story, sharing through percept and example how "all things typify Jesus Christ, all things including our lives." More than a memoir, this book sheds light on how mirrors of Jesus are all around us. When we choose to open our spiritual eyes to a deeper relationship with our Savior, we can experience personalized chances to grow, to trust, and to love Him more deeply. A life-changing book that will penetrate your heart, strengthen your soul, and open your mind further to the awe-inspiring love and greatness of our dear Redeemer and Friend."

—Tara C. Allred, Award-winning author of The Other Side of Quiet

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