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Mixed Emotions After Completing NaNoWriMo

Tonight, my heart holds a mix of emotions.

Firstly, NaNoWriMo holds a special place in my writer's journey. Since 2015, I've embarked on this creative adventure almost every year, leading to the results of 4 (soon to be 5) published novels. Through the years, I've shared my passion, encouraging fellow writers to join in.

November started with a clear goal and, until Thanksgiving, I paced myself diligently. But then I fell off the trajectory, I hosted a book event last weekend, and have had a surge of other responsibilities.

Once off course, I almost gave up on this Nov Novel Writing Goal. However, my sweet husband urged me to persevere. (thank you Jeff Niekamp!) So on the afternoon of the 29th, I took the rest of the month off, I ignored as many other commitments as possible, and indulged in blissful binge-writing sessions. It felt like revisiting my early writing days, when I had less responsibility and more time to write. I loved this glorious experience!

Before midnight struck, I achieved my goal, but I was so lost in the words, I didn't even realize the day had ended. Then, as is tradition, I went online to virtually celebrate with fellow NaNoWriMo winners, but the atmosphere was different—a once-thriving community now felt eerily quiet.

Digging deeper, I discovered the reason and was heartbroken. Despite not being an authority on the details, I found confirmation that there have been some troubling issues, inappropriate moderator behavior, concerns with the Board's method of handling the issues, and the fallout from all that has transpired. As a result, the unity of this organization, that brought global writers together in November, now seems to be unraveling.

Tonight's NaNoWriMo victory feels very bittersweet. I wrote this month for myself, and my personal triumph is still intact. The future of my story is promising, but I can't help but wonder about NaNoWriMo.

Tonight, my joy is tinged with sadness. Instead of rejoining a community of celebrating writers, I find myself pondering an uncertain future for NaNoWriMo. What is ahead??


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