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Something is in the Works - Part I

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

I am amid a captivating chain reaction – a journey that both humbles and excites me! This story spans a vast expanse of time, and it continues to unfold before my eyes. Now, I've made the decision to start sharing the parts I can, so you can come along on this enthralling journey.

Imagine this tale as a delicate thread with a knot nestled right in the heart of it. We neither stand at the beginning nor the end; instead, we find ourselves right in the middle of this thread's intricate story.

For the next few posts, I'll take you on an excursion back along the string, so we can arrive at the knot soon enough.

On September 20, 2021, I shared a possible "start" of this story with my newsletter subscribers.


From my newsletter:

A Story Worth Sharing - Part I

Something extraordinary is unfolding, and it has become a true highlight for me!

Of course, I want to just spill all the beans and tell you! But I'm a storyteller, and this is a good story! So for now, I get to share only a portion of the story. 

In 2014, while I was working on The Other Side of Quiet, I visited Venture High School's Creative Writing class. During this time, the students agreed to be beta readers and offered their feedback on my high school characters.


It was a surreal and exciting place to be. I felt like I had stepped into Mrs. Childs's classroom as I worked with some amazing students, great writers, and all-around wonderful teens.

Two years later, the teacher asked me to come back and coach the students on writing. I absolutely loved my experience with this school! 


But what does this have to do with 2021?


You get a hint below. But it's not what you least it sure wasn't what I thought when I got an email from one of the former students this February.


I love my readers! And I don't think you'll be disappointed with what I have to share. 


Stay tuned for Part II


In my newsletter, I dropped a hint, but for now, I'll hold it back from you.

Instead, let me reveal this: 2003, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2021, 2023... a string of time, each year an event that forms an integral part of this continuous chain reaction. The realization of how interconnected these moments are fills me with both humility and excitement.

As we venture backward along this knot, traversing the thread, I will share more about each event. So off we go...

Stay tuned for Part II, coming soon.


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