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Something is in the Works - Part II

Are you eagerly anticipating the next chapter of "A Story Worth Sharing"?

The first portion of the story can be found here.

On November 23, 2021, I shared the next portion of the story with my newsletter subscribers.


From my newsletter:

Soon, I will introduce you to this remarkable former student, and I'll share the fascinating chain reaction his question has set in motion – a cascading of events, which I almost said no to.

While I don't know the full story just yet, part of this 2023 Celebration has been about relishing the journey, and this email from 2021 has certainly paved the way for joyful events this year. I eagerly look forward to what will unfold next.

Editorial Note:

The school is Venture Academy which I visited from Sept 2014 - Nov 2014 and revisited again on April 24, 2015, following the release of The Other Side of Quiet. At that time, I visited the class to share the finished product. Also, I thanked the students for their help with some SWAG items and I donated copies of the book to their library. Through my website/email, some of the students continued to stay in touch.

I also revisited the creative writing class on Nov 7, 2016 (not in 2017 as shared above). During this visit, many of the students were new, but some were my dear friends from the 2014-2015 school year. The above story is about a student who was in the creative writing class for both school years, which made the return even more special to see these familiar faces.


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