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TRUST ISSUES by Katherine Nichols

Updated: May 19, 2023

My first read for 2023 and I am having a great time. Terrific humor and fun characters!

This is exactly what I need to start this year. It's a nice reminder not to take ourselves too seriously.

Book Description

A rising star in a prominent Atlanta public relations firm, Claire Kincaid can fix anything, except herself. When she shows up at a couples workshop without a partner, a handsome stranger named Keven Thomas rescues her from humiliation by posing as her fiancé. Although she’s drawn to Kevin, she’s determined to stay true to Rob Evans, the man she plans to marry.

Revelations of long-buried family secrets land her in the middle of a fight between Jams, her beloved grandmother, and her mother Janis. After years of demanding Jams tell her the name of the father she never knew, Janis sets out to find his identity on her own. Before Claire can help, a woman from her firm’s focus groups is murdered, and her teenage daughter appears, determined to find justice. With help from Jams, the three set out to discover who’s responsible and find themselves facing down one of Claire’s most obnoxious and dangerous clients.

When Kevin reappears and announces that her fiancé Rob isn’t who he claims to be, Claire realizes if she puts her trust in the wrong person, she could lose everything, including her life.

Kathy Nichols has spun another fine web of a mystery filled with southern charm and a fascinating cast of characters.—G. A. Anderson, author of South of Happily

One of my Favorite Parts:

"Claire, no talking, please. Let yourself live in the moment."

I took a breath and tried to relax my jaw. You can do anything for two minutes, I told myself. That total eclipse in Oregon lasted less than two minutes. And it takes only two minutes to cook a delicious Hot Pocket or delete Twitter from your phone with time enough to regret your decision and reinstall it.

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