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Weed Out the Lies

Words surround me. But I can't seem to organize my thoughts. Writing is about communication; sharing ideas through organized words.

Right now, all my words are seeds. Metaphors in my hand.

Seeds promise hope. But to grow, the seeds require planting. And before planting, the soil requires preparation.

I want an open spot, like an empty journal page, ready to receive the seeds; a small patch of earth for these seeds to settle, then grow.

To achieve this openness, I must first weed my field.

Weeds: they are my lies. The ones I've told myself. At some point, they were nurtured enough to find roots. But they will not produce the harvest I seek.

No fruit. Rather the wrong seeds, growing deeper, multiplying, adding more weeds to my field.

For the right seeds to grow, I must pull out the weeds.

That is the purpose of this month. Before the sowing, let's do a little dirt work—and let's not do it alone.

There is healing through weeding. A beauty to come. A chance for liberation. An invitation to find redemption so we can begin anew.

You are invited to join me as we step into a garden metaphor that will carry us forward. Our hearts are our planting fields. This preparation work is to set the tone for what sprouts and grows. Weeds or beauty. Lies or truth.

Sowing, reaping, enjoying the harvest—it all is ahead. But first, during this month, let's clear out those noxious weeds.


April's giveaway ties in with truths, lies, and letting go. More details will follow throughout the month.

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Entries are open now. Giveaway ends April 30th.


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