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What a Month! June's Wrap-Up

Here's what happened in June.

Exploring the Theme: Helping Others Keep Promises

It has been such an abundant time.

The month started with helping an incredible young author plot out her first novel. And the month ended with helping an amazing woman finish her book that has been in the works for over five years (she reached out to me two years ago to help her complete it). I am so grateful for this experience and can't wait for both books to go to print.

In between June 1 and June 30, the list of happenings was more than I could have ever imagined: recording studio with an audiobook narrator, author library event, launching story camps, great coaching sessions, plus working on my own work in process...AND the great highlight of featuring K.J. Fieler and her incredible debut novel SHADOW RUNNER and all the fun that went into that special time!

Here is June's recap:


Meet K.J. Fieler

I have an immense love for captivating stories. The tale of how I met K.J. (Kat) Fieler is undoubtedly one of those narratives that deserve to be shared.

It's a unique story about how our friendship began. But when you get to know Kat, you will understand how she creates magic everywhere she goes.

Her fabulous debut novel, SHADOW RUNNER, already is receiving highly-favorable praise and I'm overflowing with excitement to spotlight her journey this month.


I love books with well-developed characters, strong plots, and clever usage of literary devices—it's a tall order for a book to have all three, but Shadow Runner does! A beautiful story about finding strength in even the most difficult of circumstances. Plus K.J. Fieler knows how to insert humor! Clever, fun, and insightful—I highly recommend this book.


Keeping Promises: An Interview with K.J. Fieler

"Well, I have always believed that simply being a decent human being pays in unintended ways. That belief is affirmed."

This month I had the delightful opportunity to interview Author K.J. Fieler. Check out her wonderful insights. And be sure to check out her fabulous debut novel SHADOW RUNNER.


Writer 2 Writer Interview

This month, I, too, had the fantastic opportunity to visit with K.J. Fieler on her new show Writer 2 Writer. What an honor!

I was her sixth guest and absolutely loved the chance to talk stories. I appreciated how she approached this interview and how she encouraged me to talk about the things that I care so much about.

And...check out a few additional insights about my writer shirt and other tidbits.


More About June's Theme

Recently, as I was driving from our town's post office to my home, I noticed a house with a semi-trailer parked in its driveway. The message on the trailer caught my attention. I felt compelled to turn back and capture a photo.

In this post, I share a little more about June's theme and why I do monthly themes.


Story Writing Camps are currently in progress!

I am amazed by the exceptional quality of stories emerging from the groups I've had the privilege to work with. The level of creativity and the remarkable outcome achieved in just five sessions together is astounding!

We offer camps for individuals at different skill levels, including Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Camps.



For each monthly wrap-up, I like to do an update on my work in progress. Some very special moments are happening that I am not quite ready to share. But so looking forward to sharing when the time is right.

Meanwhile, if you missed it, check out my intro to my June newsletter which gives some insight into this journey.

It is slowly, but beautifully coming together.


And my sum up of June

There is still so much to share...but I'm an hour away from welcoming in July. Next month's theme is exactly what I need after such an abundant June!

One of my absolutely favorite moments was hosting this month's giveaway. K.J. Fieler offered the most incredible Grand Prize. Although the contest is now closed. Winners will be announced on the Giveaway page.

Also, be sure to follow K.J. Fieler for other chances to win her amazing SHADOW RUNNER book box.


It's been a ride!

To be honest, I am a little sad to see this month end!

Grateful for the special lesson and opportunity of HELPING OTHERS KEEP PROMISES!

Now it's time to prep for July's special theme. Wonderful times! More growth and adventures ahead!


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