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Where Am I Essential?

If you have already read Lies a Place, then you have discovered one of my favorite quotes by Marcus Aurelius:

“Think of yourself as dead.
You have lived your life.
Now, take what's left
and live it properly."

That phrase has been a revolutionary starting point.

Add to it this question:

“Where am I essential?"

The two paired together have been my new companions as I investigate my life. Like a scientist, I am researching, pulling data, and analyzing results. Such a thrill to conclude I can shed certain weights from my former belief system. What once I thought mattered no longer does.

It's a fascinating journey to remove those things that aren't essential. It's giving the noise of the world less control and giving yourself more control over the things that deserve your energy and focus.

Everyone's journey is unique. The answers to your "essential" and my "essential" are different, as they should be. This is not a one-size-fits-all answer.

In fact, it's quite humbling, validating, and liberating that we all are needed in this world!

I invite you to join me on this quest, accepting we each acknowledge our personal times and seasons of life, our shifts and changes, and our pulls. It's these pulls we especially seek! It's letting our inner soul listen for the sounds, the call, the need for us to show up and be present because...

Each one of us is essential!

So, now, take what's left of your life and "live it properly".

You are invited to join me as we forge onward into our courageous journeys! This month, let's find our essential places!


March's giveaway ties in with the gift of writing. More details will follow throughout the month.

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Entries are open now. Giveaway ends March 31st.


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