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Who is the MemoryBlogger?

Updated: May 19, 2023

Have you ever met someone and within a short period you are opening your heart to this new special friend? That has been my experience in meeting, Vivian Cumins, the creator of MemoryBlogger.

No one is more ideal to be hosting a place for people to escape the challenges of current life through sharing a happy memory - a memory that is worth being preserved for themselves and others. Vivian has a gift that helps you hone in on what truly matters.

I met Vivian in the Spring of 2021. We hadn't yet met in person, but circumstances were pulling us together and after my initial text to her, I followed up my response with Wow! That was a long!

She responded back with And I thought I was the only one who wrote long text messages. My soul sister!!!

And that is exactly what we have become in the creative writing world. There are special times when I open my heart to Vivian and she knows exactly where to take my words and help me see things in a bright, new light. She brings a refreshing new voice to the world of creative nonfiction and I am delighted to share with you the person behind the magic.


Vivian Cumins is a writer, storyteller, and blogger from small-town Oklahoma. She is a wife to a retired Air Force veteran, a bonus mom to two adult children, and a “Glammy” to four, soon-to-be five, grandkids. Her passion for story-telling comes across in the anecdotes she shares on her blog. To know Vivian is to really know her – she has never met a stranger and is always ready to engage in memory-sharing and story-telling with everyone she meets.

Vivian is a career federal employee with 25 years of service. During the workweek, she spends her time researching, developing, and writing policies, regulations, and operating procedures. Most recently, her accomplishments include the development of an agency-wide Work Environment Improvement Program, which has inspired federal employees to build a safe, positive, harassment-free work environment for everyone to enjoy.

Vivian spends her downtime reading, writing, blogging, binge-watching PureFlix movies and documentaries, and exploring California wine country with her husband in their classic C-10 pickup. She is currently working on her first non-fiction book and looks forward to seeing it in print.


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