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Writer 2 Writer Interview: My "Story" Soapbox

This month, I had the fantastic opportunity to visit with K.J. Fieler on her new show Writer 2 Writer. What an honor!

I was her sixth guest and absolutely loved the chance to talk stories. I appreciated how she approached this interview and how she encouraged me to talk about the things that I care so much about.

The video's thumbnail shows me in a shirt received as a gift from one of my writing clients. The shirt reads:

I am a writer.

Anything you say or do may be used against you in a story.

It is a great reminder when I need to tease my husband or other loved ones. Ah, the power of story! (*grin, wink*)

I truly love stories! I believe they are foundational to our society. This is why the creation of good stories needs to be supported...and then shared.

This month I have enjoyed many opportunities to support this quest.

We need more good stories! I am so grateful that I get to work in a variety of ways to support this act of connecting and creating.


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