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From Pen to Studio: Embracing Novel Anniversary with an Audiobook

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Twenty years ago this month, my first novel, Sanders' Starfish, was released by a mid-sized publisher. Since then, my journey has been an ongoing learning experience. To commemorate this anniversary, I embarked on something special. Last Friday, with the help of audiobook narrator James Davidson and recording engineer Josh Law, we completed the recording of the final chapters of Sanders' Starfish. Here is a short video capturing some of our memorable times together.

The entire experience has been surreal. Ordinarily, authors aren't actively involved in audiobook production, but circumstances were different here. Thanks to a fortuitous alignment of factors, I assumed the role of producer for this project. This allowed me the privilege of sitting in the recording studio, closely involved as each chapter was brought to life. It has undeniably become one of the most significant highlights of my career.

Working with James and Josh was an absolute delight. The energy between all three of us was extraordinary. Our conversations in between recordings often had me in fits of laughter. Striking a balance between focused work and relaxed play was refreshing fun.

At times, I felt the pull to slip into author mode. Whenever the recording button turned red, I'd tense, hoping and praying that James would do justice to the characters and the delicate subject of mental illness. As he delved into a scene, it transported me back to the moments when I crafted those very scenes in writing. I experienced an urge to infuse my vision into James’s performance. However, wise counsel I received beforehand suggested allowing the narrator to craft their own art. So, I restrained my authorial guidance to a minimum, and I was never disappointed with the overall performance. James breathed life into the characters, enriching them beyond my initial vision and leading the story down a new, fulfilling path. It's been a joy to witness John Sanders, Rebecca Brownell, Gary Landersen, Steven Gravers, and many other characters taking on a whole new life through the medium of audio.

This journey has been nothing short of thrilling, and I've cherished every moment. I eagerly anticipate the moment when this labor of love will be ready to be shared with others. Until then, I extend my heartfelt thanks to Josh Law and James Davidson. And as the story continues to grow, Happy Anniversary Sanders Starfish. Revisiting this story has been a blessing, allowing me to reflect on its initial creation and the reasons behind it all.

Now back to writing!


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