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“Stories have the ability to change society.”

- Tara C Allred

The Existence

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Remember: Book 0.5
The Existence Series

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Beyond The End: Book 1
The Existence Series


Lies a Place: Book 2
The Existence Series

Coming 2024

A quest that defies imagination in order to find a way back home. 

As the plea for help continues, Leilani's journey unfolds with unexpected twists and turns. A cascade of emotions binds her to a whole new place, driving her to confront the unknown with courage and new-found resilience while the rest of her family embark on their own transformative quests.

Pushed beyond their limits, they each grapple with how to save those they love.

For the Eternal is a stirring tale of sacrifice, hope, and the unyielding strength of the human spirit. It's a rollercoaster of commitments as Leilani's family grapples with perspective shifts to navigate the complexities of their mission and find a peaceful home. 

To receive an early copy of this final book in the series, please fill out the ARC Request form.

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The Other Side of Quiet

Updated Sanders Starfish Cover_PNG.webp

Sanders' Starfish

UnAuthored_Letters_eBook (1).webp

UnAuthored Letters


Helping Helper


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My Story

When I was five years old, I decided I would write a book.

In fifth grade, I decided I would be an author.

At age 27, I published my first novel with a mid-size publisher…

...And found the situation didn’t fit me at all—I was miserable!


For a decade, I struggled over how my writing dreams seemed to be such a mismatch with reality.  


In 2012, I won a writing contest with a new publishing company. I had a fantastic eighteen months learning from talented editors and a great team until the publisher closed their doors. I had an almost published manuscript and a small band of former fans ready for my next novel, and I had to decide what would happen next. 

So I took the plunge and self-published my second novel. And have loved the adventure this journey has led me on! The more I learn, the more rewards I have found through this experience.

My story as an author continues to be written, and just like any great story,  there are conflicts, heroic quests, and personal character-building struggles and victories.

I am extremely grateful for every reader who has picked up one of my books. You, reader, have helped me along the way—Thank you!

If you are new to my works—Welcome! I hope you find a treasure here.

The magic of a book comes when a connection is made between a special reader who finds the story the author had hoped to share. I hope you are the one that gets to taste the magic here. 

Happy Reading!

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