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It’s the year 2050—the world is in turmoil—and the remaining societies are spiraling into self-destruction. . .


The highly addictive EnRapture fulfills every desire but blurs reality. Ashyr Harmon, the man behind the invention, discovers a fatal flaw and now extinction is imminent.


Leaving her own struggling society, high-spirited teen Leilani commits to saving Ashyr’s people. But once she arrives, she disappears.


Thrust into a world of hallucinations and corruption, Leilani must fight to survive in the society she was supposed to save.


The Existence Series

Remember, Prelude*

Beyond the End, Book 1 

Lies a Place, Book 2

For the Eternal, Book 3 


*Remember is the origin story of the invention Em-Path and the dynamics of those involved with its creation. This story can be read first and adds to the overall interest and complexity of The Existence Series. Sign up for Tara's newsletter and receive your digital copy of Remember for FREE.


Reviews of Lies a Place


"Wow!! This book really leveled up. Allred used a lot of metaphors to address some harsh realities of society such as addition, identify, and crimes against others. Because she used metaphors, I could read the book, know what she was talking about, yet not get dragged down by the ugliness of real life. Her message about families and unity and identity were powerful. I'm really looking forward to the next book."


"What an amazing book, could the future really be this crazy and messed up! Life is full of choices, what would you accept and be willing to endure! So many parallels with our day and life’s! Must read to truly appreciate and gain your own insight! Prepare for your future!"

LIES A PLACE (ebook)

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