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Step into the poignant journey of infertility and adoption, where raw emotions and resilient hope intertwine. In this candid account, the author shares the depths of infertility's ache and the soaring triumph of adoption's embrace. This narrative isn't just a story—it's a lifeline for every woman navigating the complex labyrinth of feeling broken and seeking solace, particularly those within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


For anyone grappling with infertility or the intricate path to adoption, this book unveils unspoken struggles and cherished victories. Amidst the shadows of despair and the radiance of redemption, you'll discover echoes of your own journey and the knowledge that you're not alone.


Whether your heart carries the weight of infertility or has weathered other storms, this powerful narrative will serve as a friend, allowing you to bring your longing, tears, and smiles to help you along your own unique journey to healing.


Tara's Endorsement

"I absolutely love this book! Very grateful the author would be so willing to share her story, all parts of it, the rawness and the beautiful healing and miracles to expand their family. I've talked with a lot of adoptive parents, but nothing gave me greater insight into the journey than this book. It also touches on infertility in ways that offer a richer perspective through this difficult trial. A book on loss - only to be found again - a definite read for anyone who has once felt broken." 


Reader Reviews


A spectacular journey that will help you - This is a must-read!!! Every sentence of the book is well-written. With every paragraph, I can feel how Kay was feeling. As a woman with a similar story but was finally able to get pregnant with a long and hard journey that included pain and headaches this book is just beyond words can explain. I love how she shares her story with her heartbeat in it. I had times I was crying as I was reading because I could feel every pain. This is definitely going to help people in many different ways.



"I'll be honest... this book was sometimes hard to read... but I'm looking forward to reading it again. I cried more than once and felt like I was going through the experiences with the author. I felt hope, joy, disappointment, sorrow... and hope and joy all over again. I appreciated the inside view to what the adoption process is like (or may be like). It was more informative to me than most websites detailing the adoption process because of the narrative format. I think it gives a realistic view from a practical as well as an emotional standpoint. I particularly loved the way the family cared for and considered the birth mothers through each process. So beautifully written."

—J Tuttle

NOT BROKEN: Infertility, Adoption, and Christ's Power to Heal by Kay Lynn Wilson

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