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Dr. John Sanders is about to begin his career as a clinical psychologist. Full of optimism, he believes he can make a difference and is eager to provide hope to a group the world has deemed hopeless. Yet in John's quest to offer those in his care a second chance, he embarks on his own journey of self-discovery. In his search, clear answers become scrambled confusion while the unimaginable truth is trapped in a complex web.


"Sander’s Starfish is a powerful story regarding the worth of a soul and doing what is right in the face of any challenge which may arise. As tension builds, author Allred does a masterful job with intermingling the lives of the two main characters. The manuscript is accomplished with ardent insight into the life of the mentally ill as well as being completed with striking writing. The detailed and true to life scenes of life in a residential care treatment center are powerfully portrayed.


"Sanders’ Starfish is a riveting account drawing the reader into the storyline from the opening lines as we stand at the door confronting Clarissa with Dr Sanders. Our knees smart when the cart is thrust into his by the dogged patient. Reader attention is held fast from that initial contact with this anecdote’s main character and does not diminish until we find the conflict is properly decided.


"Writing is good quality, action is fast paced, a convincing well thought out plot is easy to follow, dialogue used effectively moves the story along. Sanders’ Starfish is not a light hearted little tale. Richly rendered surroundings, commanding stimulus, story line twists, snappy exchanges, hair raising excitement and satisfyingly puzzling uncertainty pack the pages of author Allred’s initial work with mesmerizing reader appeal. With a razor sharp, centered narrative; Allred gives a picture of life in a residential care unit few are aware exists. Flourishing with well rounded characters in this remarkably directed anecdote of deception, underhanded conniving and unexpected disputes, the book has something to please every reader."


- Molly Martin, Molly’s Reviews



John Sanders Series

Sanders' Starfish

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Sanders' Starfish (2nd Edition)

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